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Our documentary showcases the pieces of street art currently on display around Dundalk. These pieces all tell different stories from Dundalk’s history. The pieces were created by different artists from all round the world. In our documentary we show you these pieces and give you an insight to the history behind them.
Presented by: Ordhnaith Kirk
Filmed and Edited by: Thomas Byrne


Our VR Experience is set in a virtual building modeled after the Carroll’s building in DKIT. It is a virtual spray painting game allowing you to paint on one of the walls in the Starbucks area of the building where the exhibition is to take place. The game will feature a cherry picker type lift that will allow the user to move around the wall. Throughout the day each user will paint a certain section of the wall so that by the end of the day we will have our own full street art piece, created by the public. We will have an external screen that will show the project developing throughout the day.

Organised Street Art

Seek was a contemporary urban arts festival held in 2019. It centered around promoting visual arts in Dundalk over a five year period by commissioning established and emerging artists, locally, nationally and from abroad, to help promote the town culturally and artistically, re positioning the area as a vibrant hub for creativity. Artists draw on Dundalk’s rich heritage (historically, geographically and mythologically) through their research and design development, to produce a conceptual piece of art.



3rd Year DKIT Media Arts Students